Thursday, January 03, 2008

Events: Hudyaka sa Pasko '07

Happy New Year to all! Been a long time since we last posted here. The holidays was kinduv a rush and our one-person staff can't handle a lot of things all at the same time so we had to leave things here unattended for a short time.

Anyways, we are back in business and first off, I have to post some photos here as submitted by our "corresponent" Paolo Racho, of the event last December 22 held at the city port.

Here's what Paolo had to say:

ser ry,

pao ni.. taga lucid interval.. ill be sending you some pics which we're taken last dec 22 gig at the port of tagb. first band nga mi open sa gig kay ang gapas.. then followed by the pirates of the new age.. yung banda nila morris sarabia.. lucid interval na yung sumunod.. yung last song namin na tinugtog wc was entitled glory.. pinajam ko vocalist ng ibang banda na sila.. mawmaw ng koogang, morris ng pirates of the new age, parenz ng blank item at makoi ng gapas. mao na pagbalik tungtong sa lucid sa stage.. ehehe.. after namu.. estranghero na mitukar.. idol au! hehe...

naa diay event sa jan4 and jan5 ser sa martins. sana makapunta ka.. jan6 balik na ako mla.. hehe



Yep, it's that easy to submit photos here. Just email them to me and they'll be posted. Just like that.

Anyways, here are the photos:

(Click on the photos to view larger sizes and for more of this set.)

Photos by Paolo Racho Copyright ©2007. All rights reserved.