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Bohol Rock Awards 2010

Here are the official list of winners for this year's Bohol Rock Awards:

Best Guitarist Roy Tutor
Best Bassist Milo Miranda
Best Drummer Manok Talaid
Best Vocalist Dadoy Elorde
Best Band Yordaddy
Best Live Act Galatea
Best New Act Soiree
Best Album No Pets Aloud
Choice Cruisers

Thanks for all those who votes. For this year, qualified voters did not include the fans. We hope next year we can include you guys as qualified votes. Please stick around for next year's ceremony.

The Road to BRA

The organizers met for the first round of voting to come up with a list of nominees for the different categories. Each of them was asked to list down five choices per category. Votes were tallied and the top five were listed. In cases were the fifth place was a tie, all were included.

Here's the list of nominees for 2010:

Best Guitarist
1. Bajai Almedora
2. Sigfred Bandico
3. Roy Tutor
4. Elcid Tirol
5. Nizel Tumulak
6. Sam Varquez

Best Bassist
1. Ambo Remolador
2. Milo Miranda
3. Sano Zamora
4. Hans Matig-a
5. Froi Flores
6. Juboi Busalla

Best Drummer
1. Arion Seno
2. Manok Talaid
3. Arvin Avergonzado
4. Nino Balaba
5. Joshua Tumanda
6. Jay Tagra
7. Jong Basileres

Best Vocalist
1. Embot Penecios
2. Dadoi Elorde
3. Mawmaw Monez
4. Anne Duaban
5. Adrian Baylon

Best Band
1. No Pets Aloud
2. Koogang
3. Suitcase 101
4. Yordaddy
5. Estranghero
6. Brownbuds

Best Live Act
1. Koogang
2. Yordaddy
3. Galatea
4. Brownbuds
5. Estranghero

Best New Act
1. Disarmed
2. Wednesday
3. Bilwaboys
4. Leprechaun
5. Galatea
6. Soiree

Best Album
1. Brownbuds - Mendel’s Legacy
2. No Pets Aloud - Self Titled Album
3. Yordaddy - Libreng Experimento
4. Suitcase 101 - Self Titled Album
5. Estranghero - Self Titled Album
6. 20 Something - Self Titled Album

The Bohol Rock Awards Organization is composed of the province’s local promoters and organizers namely:

1. Jboi – Sea Urchin Productions
2. Makoi & Kikoi – Powermind Concepts
3. Nizel – Metal Inc.
4. Dadoy – Plugout
5. Maw2x & Nino – CentralSense
6. Bhic2x – Martins Restobar Productions
7. Roy Tutor – Garahe Events
8. Milo – Kalma Sounds
9. Arvin – 101 Productions
10. Ryan - BYU Rock TV

Congratulations to the nominees!

Bohol Rock Awards 101

The Bohol Rock Awards 2010 or BRA 2010 is an awards-night type of event where we showcase and honor the best personalities in the underground rock scene of Bohol. Awards will be given and live acts will perform in a show that will be first in Bohol. So how do we go about this awards night thing? Here is a brief backgrounder and guideline to Bohol's rock event of the year.

This event spearheaded by BYU Rock TV (Bohol Underground Rock website) is co-promoted by the different local promotional outfits that cater to the rockin' and rollin' public of this province. Here they are:
  1. Central Sense Productions (Maw2x)
  2. Garahe Events (Roy Tutor)
  3. Kalma Sounds (Milo Miranda)
  4. Martins Bar Productions (Bhic2x Regner)
  5. Metal Inc. (Neizel)
  6. Plugout (Dadoi)
  7. Powermind Concepts (Kikoi & Makoi)
  8. Sea Urchin Productions (Jboi)
The awards for this year will be minimal. Hopefully in years to come, more and more awards will be added. For now, these are the awards to be given:
  1. Best Guitarist
  2. Best Bassist
  3. Best Drummer
  4. Best Vocalist
  5. Best Band
  6. Best in Live Act
  7. Best Album
  8. Online Choice Award
  9. Listeners Choice Award (KISS FM)
  10. Best New Act
  11. Rock of Bohol Award (Lifetime Achievement)
The process of picking the winners consists of two parts - nomination and voting. The nomination committee will be composed of the presentors of BRA 2010. In a closed door nomination, representatives of each presentor will pick choices (3-5) for specific awards. Top 10 nominees will be deliberated and agian voted until 5 nominees for each category will be chosen. These picks will be the official nominees.

Ballots will be given out to the voters a few weeks before the awards night.  In the voting process, eligible voters are the following:
  1. members of the band
  2. production teams, staff and assistants
  3. band photographers and writers
  4. specific personalities
To be nominated, a band must pass a couple simple criteria. First, they must have recorded a composition. Second, they must have played a major gig (produced by any of the above productions). Here are the bands shortlisted for the nominations.
  1. Agiw
  2. Blank Item
  3. Brownbuds
  4. Cruisers
  5. Disarmed
  6. Estranghero
  7. Fishcake
  8. Galatea
  9. Gapas
  10. Great Divide
  11. Impound
  12. Koogang
  13. Leprechaun
  14. Lookout
  15. Lucid Interval
  16. Mange
  17. Marswalk
  18. Mate Since Kinder
  19. Milestuck
  20. My Emily Rose
  21. No Pets Aloud
  22. Noid
  23. Oidos
  24. Orion
  25. Pirates of the New Age
  26. Psyche
  27. Quad
  28. Scalds
  29. Shoe Lace
  30. Soiree
  31. Solido
  32. Spoogo
  33. Suitcase 101
  34. System Tools
  35. Tanke De Guerra
  36. The 20 Something
  37. Winston
  38. Yordaddy
  39. Zigmantra
This is a running list. Bands will be added or taken off from this list In the coming gigs and events, all co-presentors have pledged to take bands that are included in the list. This series of events will be aptly sub-titled "The Road to Bohol Rock Awards 2010". So watch out for gig schedules.

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