Saturday, March 27, 2010


8.30-9.30 @ Tachycardia

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tachycardia Presents: Yorddady for President

Election fever


Opening for YORDADDY are the bands:
Soul Management, When Hopes Fly High
and with a special appearance by Nico Franco

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Road to Bohol Rock Awards: Pure & Metal

Metal Inc presents
Pure & Metal

Pure & Metal
live at Theo's Bar (Meridian Hotel)
Friday, March 26, 2010

Tanque de Guerra
Warden Winky

Entrance fee is 40 Pesos
Door opens on 7pm

See ya there!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bohol Rock Awards List of Nominees

Here's the list

Best Guitarist
1. Bajai Almedora
2. Sigfred Bandico
3. Roy Tutor
4. Elcid Tirol
5. Nizel Tumulak
6. Sam Varquez

Best Bassist
1. Ambo Remolador
2. Milo Miranda
3. Sano Zamora
4. Hans Matig-a
5. Froi Flores
6. Juboi Busalla

Best Drummer
1. Arion Seno
2. Manok Talaid
3. Arvin Avergonzado
4. Nino Balaba
5. Joshua Tumanda
6. Jay Tagra
7. Jong Basileres

Best Vocalist
1. Embot Penecios
2. Dadoi Elorde
3. Mawmaw Monez
4. Anne Duaban
5. Adrian Baylon

Best Band
1. No Pets Aloud
2. Koogang
3. Suitcase 101
4. Yordaddy
5. Estranghero
6. Brownbuds

Best Live Act
1. Koogang
2. Yordaddy
3. Galatea
4. Brownbuds
5. Estranghero

Best New Act
1. Disarmed
2. Wednesday
3. Bilwaboys
4. Leprechaun
5. Galatea
6. Soiree

Best Album
1. Brownbuds - Mendel’s Legacy
2. No Pets Aloud - Self Titled Album
3. Yordaddy - Libreng Experimento
4. Suitcase 101 - Self Titled Album
5. Estranghero - Self Titled Album
6. 20 Something - Self Titled Album

The Bohol Rock Awards Organization is composed of the province’s local promoters and organizers namely:

1. Jboi – Sea Urchin Productions
2. Makoi & Kikoi – Powermind Concepts
3. Nizel – Metal Inc.
4. Dadoy – Plugout
5. Maw2x & Nino – CentralSense
6. Bhic2x – Martins Restobar Productions
7. Roy Tutor – Garahe Events
8. Milo – Kalma Sounds
9. Arvin – 101 Productions

Congratulations to the nominees!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Road to BRA: Rabadub Summer

Power Mind Concept presents
Rabadub Summer

On this event, we will be announcing the nominees for the Bohol Rock Awards. Be there!

credits to:
Neil Boligao for the poster
Jinzo for the link.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And the nominees are...

The Road to Bohol Rock Awards

BRA nominees

Everyone is invited to come on March 19, 2010 8PM at Tachycardia for the launching of nominees for the first ever Bohol Rock Awards (re)scheduled on April 24.

Letters will be sent to officially inform the nominees regarding their nomination. Please come and support our local bands.

The Bohol Rock Awards is brought to you by all the active event organizers in the Bohol underground music circuit.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Nick Automatic™ Available in Bohol!


Design: Cut-off Cliff (with 1 free Nick Automatic™ sticker per tee)
Size: S,M,L
Price: 380 pesos

For orders please contact:
Mr. Joshua Tumanda


Price: 300 pesos
Interested buyers may send a message in these numbers:
09084991900 "Nino Ronald Gucor"
09305080522 "Hagkot"
or drop a message in their respective FACEBOOK accounts.

For more info, visit:
Nick Automatic™ on Facebook
Nicolo Nimor on Facebook
Nick Automatic™'s Website
Merch Connect on Facebook

All designs that appear on this post are made by Mr. Nicolo Nimor.