Sunday, March 16, 2008

Notes From the Underground

Contributed by Tey

Well, it's been a while since this site has been upadated. So, celebrate!

Then again, this post will lack all that you guys are waiting to read as this is the Bohol Underground Music blog therefore it must be filled with that.

I just thought of writing some little post that could be relevant now. Could be. It depends on who will be reading.

So, shoot me.

Last Friday, the rally in Manila led by the revived youth movement showed how la manille's underground music is still very much at it. Aside from the legendary chickoy pura and the jerks, other bands performed to show their disgust on the administration, especially against GMA. Well yes it was to call for the ouster of Gloria.

Well, music is indeed [everyone who knows music from their hearts will agree]beyond entertainment. as an art form, it plays a big part in shaping, re-shaping and changing the society.

Since time immemorial art did play that part well.

I am just thinking, what about a concert for truth or justice or a concert against gloria here in our own beautiful bohol?

We don't lack talented musicians. And intelligent, socially-aware ones. Or do we?

Shoot me again.

"No Fairmit, No Rally"
Barbie Almbabis, together with other local bands, plays her hits during the 4th night of last year's UP Diliman's annual fair.