Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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Bohol Rock Awards and Other Updates

News, Updates and Chikkas

1. The Bohol Rock Awards or BRA is finally taking shape. We have solicited commitment from a lot of people already especially the event organizers (Plugout, CentralSense, Kalma, GarahEvents, Power Mind...etc). This is good since the nomination committee will be composed of organizers, producers and other key industry players. Votes will be cast by musicians and other industry players as well.

Here is a list of awards to be given, thus far:
  1. Best Guitars/Bass/Drummer/Vocals
  2. Artist of the Year (Band)
  3. Album of the Year (Band)
  4. Blogger's Choice Award (online poll/vote)
The main event is pegged to happen on the second half of January next year. Stay tuned.

2. Up Coming Gigs:
  1. Dec. 8-12 - Martin's Bar, 9PM (1st year anniversary event)
  2. Dec. 11 - Theo's Bar @Meridian Hotel, 9PM (featuring Yordaddy, etc.)
  3. Dec. 11 - Atmospheres, 9PM (featuring Yordaddy, What New, When Hopes Fly High)
  4. Dec. 12 - Martin's Bar 9PM (Brownbuds, No Pets Aloud, Spoogo, Yordaddy, etc.)
  5. Dec. 12 - Koogang @Body English, Asilo, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
  6. Dec. 19 - Atmosphere's, 9PM
  7. Dec (last week) - Compofest (TBA)
3. BYU ROCK TV launched! BYU Rock TV or Bohol Underground Rock is now online. Please check out http://byurocktv.blogspot.com or add us on Facebook to view the latest event videos, interviews and music videos.

BYU Rock (with reference to "byuteh" "byuha oi!" also) will hopefully be the main identity to represent the Bohol underground music scene.

Again, add us on Facebook and comment. It will be the better platform for a functional "chatbox" since our chatbox here is infested with indecent-poser-cowards. If you don't have a Facebook account yet, register now.

Note from the Underground: Scene Stealers

by dOhNieLIanTAYAO

“Music touches the heart in places words alone cannot reach.”

Music plays an important role of anyone’s life that one may not be able to live a life without it. And I understand that this site is a tool for a large number of music enthusiasts whether you’re in a band or just simply a maniacal fan of such. And as we all notice, it’s been quite a while since this site had imposed restrictions such that the chatbox is being temporarily closed for an obvious reason: that even myself was being dragged by such absurd senseless explicit degrading utterances by some uneducated misguided pathetic vermin. And it felt really bad, bad to the extent that the Head Honcho of this site opted to take some measures to thwart them from throwing any unkind indecent remarks.

Bohol Poser Fest

As posted “Bohol Underground Music is an online blog for the surging underground rock music scene in Bohol. These pages will contain news and updates on bands, events/concerts and everything in between.” Obviously, this is not a PORN site! Where you can say anything and everything about your self-infested earthly desires. You don’t belong here dickhead(s)! I mean, WHY NOT GO to porn sites and exhibit your idiotic verminous manner and show them what you got.

More probably I am bothered by the incessant exchange of diverging views among bands, performers and listeners as well. Before the struggling conflict were between Bohol versus Cebu, but now, Boholanos against Boholanos? Disgusting! So, to this, I must say I am more concerned to those of you who kept on bragging that you’re the best among the rest, that some performers have no potential to be part of a certain band, and that you belong to a prestige alma mater that is superior amongst others, blah blah…

The Hills are Alive

Allow me to give emphasis to this. Think about the tribesmen in the highlands who never had the chance to enroll in the prestigious Berkelee College of Music nor take up music in St. Scholastica’s College here in the Philippines, not even a single step in grade school. No guitar riffs, no musical note ever learnt but they can produce as well as create music as long as they want without the aid of 20th-century technological devices as the Internet, techy gadgets, radio, television, films and the likes. Point is, they simply do it for the love of music and to preserve their passion for music without being embodied. And believe me - whether you agree with me or not - they’re better than who you think you are and I must say, a lot of credit must be given to them but I doubt if the posers would lend them some. Come to think of it.

Bottomline, music itself is vast, immense, so there’s a room for everybody. Let’s appreciate music as to what music really is all about. It’s an expression of one's self and that is how a certain artists express themselves. So stop giving negative comments on bands/musicians whose enjoying themselves and playing the kind of music they want to convey.

Lost in Translation

Also, stop saying that metalheads are lame because they just kept on growling and screaming and that you can’t catch up with the lyrics and you don’t understand the meaning out of it, too bad for you(laughs).Well if you want just simply go over, ask for the lyrics.

You might be surprised that it’s not about noise or dark lyricism at all, take for an instance; “I used to be skeptical but now I understand, you are a masterpiece, you are the epitome of art, one wish to the heavens that we’ll never be apart…”—Love and Devotion by Valley of Chrome. Touching, isn’t it? I’m not referring to one but to some genre as well, trash-tropical-grunge-reggae-screamo-rock-hardcore-classical-alternative-folk-country-gospel-goth-tribal-etc, name it. If you don’t like any of those then why bother yourself listening to music anyway? I mean if you don’t like then don’t listen to it, as simple as that.

It’s not really bad to criticize especially if it really sucks but to despise them in a way that you’re trying to discriminate or even dig to their own personal lives, well that’s offensive. If you have negative comments just keep it to yourself or just say nothing at all but if it is a constructive criticism then I suggest brainstorming is required, and much RESPECT is still needed. And competing is no harm as long as it’s a healthy one.

Again, as posted “Bohol Underground Music is an online blog for the surging underground rock music scene in Bohol. These pages will contain news and updates on bands, events/concerts and everything in between.” Meaning, this is NOT a WAR zone! And I believe you are literate enough to assimilate WHY this site EXISTS.


“Make substantial tracks so we can ride smoother…/Be sentimental in every movement…/Let the culture mix all the color / always we come together as one / celebrate the sound of our time, Never surrender fight prejudism, never surrender, reach for our dreams../”[sic]—Insekta by Queso.

"Notes From The Underground" are articles, letters or updates sent to us by our readers. If you got something to say, write it down and send it to us. We might just publish it.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Brownbuds Interview @ Martin's Bar

Video by BYU Rock TV

Add your comments.

BRA Bohol Rock Awards Teaser

Coming soon in January 2010

We're still on the planning stages guys...we're pulling everyone who can actually help...keep you fingers crossed this will push through.

Please add your comments below. Thanks.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yordaddy - Angelie @ BQ Promenade / Feedback

Performed live @ BQ Promenade during the 2nd
gathering of Feedback.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Switchfoot - Dare You to Move (Faked Benevolence cover)

Video by nazz31hv

Performed live at the BQ Promenade last November 13, 2009 during FEEDBACK: The 2nd Gathering.

Friday, November 20, 2009


by Jinzo

On this premiere episode of DOK DOK KALAMAY!, a weekly show focused on exclusive band interviews with our Local acts here in Bohol brought to you by Boholbands.blogspot.com and Central Sense Productions.

Check out this exclusive interview by Koogang's Frontman,Maw Moñez, with 4 of the 5 members of Team Galatea!We'll introduce to you a deeper look into Team Galatea. From the band's origins and influences, to their upcoming plans and comments on Bohol and Cebu's Music Scene's strife.

You can check Team Galatea's Music on this sites :

Myspace : www.myspace.com/ggalateaa
Twitter : www.twitter.com/Ggalatea
Facebook :

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Event: A Tribute to Boboy Regner

Presented by Martins Restobar

Also brought to you by TUL Society and PUNKSTATION Internet Cafe. Special thanks to Maw2x of CentralSense.

Poster Design by Nyokz Banggon.

Mga Kalambuan

News, Updates and Showbiz Chikkas

1. November 21, 2009, 8PM. Martins Restobar in cooperation with TUL Society and PUNKSTATION presents "A Tribute to our Brother Boboy Regner" featuring six of Bohol's best bands Brownbuds, Estranghero, Yordaddy, Spoogo, No Pets Aloud and Zigmantra. Door charge: PhP40 only. Thanks to Maw2x of CentralSense for the help.

2. After a few rounds of Red Horse at Martins, an idea came up: "Bohol Rock Awards". Why not? Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Vocals, Best Drummer, Band of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist...etc. More developments on this soon.

3. Bohol CompoFest 2009 a yearly event brought to you by PowerMind Concepts (Kikoi) is coming up. Last week of December. Brace yourselves.

4. Thanks to Jinzo, this site won't have to shutdown after all. After the No Pets Aloud post, we are lining up a few more profiles of new bands. We already interviewed Galatea - video, photos and article soon.

5. Welcome new members of the BoholBands Online team: Maw2x, Jinzo and Franz. We hope to deliver new and fresh content soon.

Thanks for the patronage.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roach PAWNS Mayweather Sr.

We're still processing the photos from the Feedback event (which was very successful, props to Maw2x) so here's something off the Pac-fever we're all getting.

Monday, November 16, 2009

PROFILE: No Pets Aloud

by Jinzo

An Indie Rock band originally from Dauis, Bohol.
The band currently consists of vocalist Jay Christopher "Pew" Pregunta, guitarist Jofel Nistal, bassist Gilson Araneta and drummer Paul Niño "Ninin" Loquellano. Their music is influenced mainly by Saosin, The Used, New Found Glory, Story of the Year and Finch. The unique mix of influences makes their music some kind of close to Rock and Punk Music with the hint of Pop. Ironically, the band likes listening to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and some Boy bands except The Jonas Brothers (lol’d).

The original line-up for No Pets Aloud, consisting of guitarists Jofel Nistal and Nonette Rolab, bassist Roldan, drummer John Paul Gonzales and vocals Justice "Koi" Busalla. The band was an immediate success with their witty punk rock tunes and covers. The band went on hiatus during mid-2003's for some personal reasons.

The band started forming up on November 2004, with new members namely Jay Christopher "Pew" Pregunta on vocals (replacing Justice "Koi" Busalla currently working on Sonic Boom Philippines) and his cousin Gilson Araneta on bass (replacing Roldan).Nonette Rolab left No Pets Aloud and later formed the band Unwanted Revenge.

Later on year 2008, drummer Paul Niño "Ninin" Loquellano (formerly from Unwanted Revenge), started playing for No Pets Aloud in John Paul Gonzales' absence.

The band then started producing free copies of their EP with 4 tracks. You can listen to it free on IMEEM:

No Pets Aloud EP

You can check these links for some songs and some band info on their gigs.
Myspace : www.myspace.com/nopetsaloudsite
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/jofeln

Profile is where we feature bands including their bio, music and videos. If you want to be featured here, please send us your bio (write-up), profile photo (link), videos (youtube link) and music (imeem links).

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Events: FEEDBACK @ BQ Mall Nov. 13-14

A Production of CentralSense

Thirty bands. Two days. Free entrance. What else is there to ask? Free beers I say!hehe

Thursday, October 22, 2009


by Van Houten

We just got a message.

Make this site more interesting bai. If the site owner is lazzzzzyyyy, how would you expect to have contributors. You might wanna change the colors here. It's too dark. Try to re-create the design. Make updates at least once a week. Bahalag short articles lang. Just to show that the site owner is really serious.

Just a suggestion bai. Why not go to schools and feature their bands. Remember "SCHOOL PRIDE".If ang uban schools naay gipang post na pix, for sure masuya sad ang uban and they will try to make their own too.

Go talk to some music teachers. They can help you with this blog.


In all seriousness, I really don't NEED to be serious. So for the next couple weeks, I got an assignment for everyone:
1. Go to a particular school. Your alma mater would be the best pick. Scout for bands.
2. Once you've located the school and bands, interview them. Take photos of them.
3. Write an article about the whole shiz.
4. Submit your article and photos (2-3 photos will do) to us. Label it "SCHOOL PRIDE".
5. IMPORTANT: If not one article will be posted, WE WILL CLOSE THIS WEBSITE.
6. Deadline is two weeks from now, Nov. 4.
7. And also, which is more "alive" sunset orange or avocado green?

Thanks. See you on the B-side. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BANDALOGY 101: How To Get (Grab/Steal) Gigs

by Dr. Van Houten

We get it often these days. "Asa naay tukar?" "Paapila mi beh?" "Sila sila ra ba." "Mga tiguwang na mo mao naa moy tukar. Kami bata pa...blah-blah-blah" "Mga sikat ray pwede motukar. Salig mo, sikat mo sa pagka way byu!" "Amigohay ra ang pwede motukar."


Whiners and pussies come by the dozen. In the local band scene, they come in droves. Thus, I've come up with a list/guide to help these little wusses land/grab/steal gigs on their own.

1. Join contests. Once in a while, band contests are held. BQ Mall just recently finished one. A couple months back, Tip2x fiesta did one also. You may also join national contests with local elimination rounds. Nescafe Soundskool, Red Horse Muziklaban and Globe Kantabataan do theirs regularly each year.

2. Freshen Up Your Network. Not a single gig lately? Make friends with promoters, managers and event organizers. Makoi (Mark Hubac Productions, hehe kapatid!), Maw2x (Central Sense), Dadskidoo (PlugOut/GaraheEvents), Milo (Kalma Sounds) and Arvin (101 Productions) - approach them with a couple chilled bottles of Red Horse in hand and you'll be friends with them easy. These guys do regular gigs. They might just slip you in if you're nice enough (meaning: give more beers).

3. Martin's Bar. Ahhhhh..our favorite hang out. They serve the best chilled Red Horse in town. Also, they support bands both old and new. Go ask Ate Amor or Ate Heidz if you can play in one of the slow nights. I'm sure they'll comply. Just ask nice. Or you could hang out with Bic2x (meaning: give more beers, again) and he'll give you a gig easy.

4. Record Your Songs. With SoundGarage Recording Studio just around the corner, recording you own music is quick and painless these days. If you are serious about your band making music, this is the single most efficient thing to do. With your recorded song you can: share to friends, submit to FM stations, submit to Disco Mobiles, make a music video or upload to Imeem and be included in the BoholBand playlist. The BangBang concert series is also held for bands included in the compilation album of songs recorded at SoundGarage. If interested, just hang out with the iconic Mr. Roy Tutor. (Current rate: P2,000 per song, unlimited time, 1 bottle Tanduay)

5. Online Gigs. Who said you have to be at an actual physical stage to do a gig? You can be at the comforts of you own dusty, chlorine-smelling, insect-infested rooms and still play for the world to see. Live online streaming may be the way to go, baby (if you are one shy/unsocial bitch that is). Or just record your acoustic sessions and put them up on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. You get way more coverage this way.

Bottomline is, be more pro-active. Gigs won't come to you. Hell no! Find ways you lousy whining dipshit. Make things happen for your band. Play for the world and the world will listen.

Of course, you have to practice harder. And more frequently, too. Don't just practice when there is a contest coming. Don't you ever come to me asking for a gig only to play your lame-ass music with your lame-ass skills, brader.

Maybe nobody wants you to play 'coz you suck? Ponder on that.

BANDALOGY 101 will try to help new underground/indie bands think differently about the music industry and look at it as a part of the whole. Contributors wanted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Notes From the Underground: Frontmen

by dOhNieLIanTAYAO

“Always something there to remind me...”(Am I singing it right?)

Well, allow my simple rendition to some local bands without a doubt my current favorite that immerse and I guess can’t puke it out of my system. Bands’ frontmen in one way or another always remind me of someone else’s all time favorite of mine everytime they do their performances onstage.

And to name a few...

Lucid Interval’s frontman, (aside from his growling and screaming voice), Paolo reminds me of... Queso’s Ian Tayao with his awesome skin art(tattoos are really appealing to me). And so with his comrade Blank Item’s vox reminds me of... the unleashed howling vocal of Greyhoundz’ Reg Rubio. Still, it’s vivid to my subconscious mind their performances last December 27, 2008 during the 4th Bohol Compofest together with Makoi onstage seemed to me a reminiscent of the “Trilogy” stuff.

Pirates of the New Age led by Zach dela Rocha-ish vocalist Morris undoubtedly a RATM-loving band, reminds me of ... some gorgeous frontmen who always do the off-shirt onstage. My all time favorite, legends like; STP’s Scott Weiland, Live’s Edward Kowalczyk, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, RHCP’s Anthony Kiedis, and Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and so many others favorite who do the off-shirt thing. (Woah!).

That long-haired No Pets Aloud frontman, dude please don’t cut your hair off short ‘coz it reminds me of... that screamo vocalist Bert McCracken of The Used.

Brownbuds Mendel’s Legacy, well I love dreadz too. Dunno why everytime I hear the intro of your song “iro” reminds me of... Cheese’ “Garden Fresh(in a cool dry place)” intro.

G.Kantabataan ’07 Grand Champs Suitcase 101, frontman Adrian reminds me of... Alex Band, (actually you alone reminded me of all our pals way back in college.)

Couldn’t imagine who amongst(frontman) could do the tight-fitting-cycling short of GnR’s Axl Rose and would reminded me of him. (I doubt if anyone from this generation would dare to resemble. Well, I dare you!)

I guess that was just the frontmen(some) I discern. These maybe gone too far if I included all of those deserving who animate our music scene here in Bohol ( not to mention, with all due respect to the recording outfit and events organizer who support them and their music to reach a wider audience, and to this site of course).

Note: To those I’ve mentioned, my humble apology if I irritate your nerve(I didn’t mean to) into putting you to some sort of stereotypes to convey my sentiments. Well, you’re all liberate to refute but please do respect my own perception, I begged. Again, my humble apology.

"Notes From The Underground" are articles, letters or updates sent to us by our readers. If you got something to say, write it down and send it to us. We might just publish it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where is Zigmantra?

Photo lifted from Partzmusic on Myspace

So, heads up to Chann Cabang who sent me a link to his song "Balakid" on Imeem. The song is now included in the playlist. So far, he is the first contributor to answer our call for content - songs, videos, articles, photos, etc. It's about time you guys do the same.

Included with the links Chann/Partz sent, was a link to Zigmantra resources on Myspace. The band was a regular a few years back doing gigs and winning song writing competitions even.

They also recorded a few songs which included their hit "Supermodel" which is on the BangBang Uno album.

Where the hell are they now? Boogie? Recards? Asa na tawn mo oi. Tukar na pud ta.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's an update...

by Ryan Macalandag

As you boys and girls can see, it's been eons since this blog was updated. I apologize. Well, I figured, the Chat Board's been busy and I was busy with work and stuff also. Plus no one really reads the articles I post so what's the point, right?

Seriously though, I'm at fault. I'm at fault because I've been hogging the limelight. I set this blog up on my own, do the photography on my own, write the articles on my own and post updates on my own. And don't forget the fucking HATE mails I get from IDIOT posers who think this blog is some kind of a SCA/YFC/YMCA type of thing to inspire and straighten up the youth and shit. Yes, I get to read them on my own, too. (Never did reply to any one of them though.)

I sometimes forget that this blog has become a community for insane music lovers who don't really care much about anything else but love for music, right? We don't care if our banner photo is a picture of Morris (the supernovagalactic/loverboy frontman of Piratez of the New Age) flicking the "sign" right? I mean, I don't. I hope you don't, too. We never ever try to discriminate here. Not even the dirty-finger toting crowd out here. Never.

But I digress. So again, we've become a community. And I must share the responsibility of managing and updating this site also. We need people who can write. We need people who can take pictures. We'll post them here so everyone can see and read. Game?

Call for Music or Videos

If you have new music you want to be added to our playlist, please get an IMEEM account, upload it and send me the link. I'll add it to the list.

If you have a video from an event or a homemade music video (even if it's worth shit), upload it to Youtube, send me the link and I'll post it here.

Call For Writers

Here's the mechanics. Writers can write anything about the local underground music scene. Up to 50-100 words. Possible topics are: bio of local rockista/band, thoughts about the scene, thoughts on music/arts/culture or event write-up. Send you article to: ryanmacalandag99d@yahoo.com. Articles will be judged on hotness (and grammar, of course). One article will be posted per week.

Call For Photos

Photographers are also welcome to join. Send in photos of bands, events, musicians, rakistas or anything related. It can be a single photo or a series/essay. We'll post them here. Send your photos to: ryanmacalandag99d@yahoo.com. Resize your photos to at least 800x600 72dpi. Include captions and info. Photos will be judged on hotness also. One photo or photo essay will be featured each week.

The Deal Gets Sweeter

You lazy ass whiner. You want a prize? Posted articles/photos will win an A3-size full-color poster any local band of your choosing courtesy of some (un)willing sponsors.

So let's go. Stop yapping about this site being not updated and submit your articles/photos now.

If you've actually read this article from the top up to this point, congratulations. Not everyone here can. No kidding.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Event: TBTK Concert For A Cause

Cool. Sa mga nangitag gig karong Sandugo (aside from the "Sandugo" itself, as JOKETIME pointed out). Murag welcome party ni sa TBTK na event. Daghan bands.

This event is another quality production of CentralSense. Kudos to the gang!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Strings of Summer Day One (Photos)

Photos by Ryan Macalandag

Daghang salamat sa tanan nga niduyog. Labi na sa mga banda, namely: Pzyche, Pirates of the New Age, Yordaddy, Spoogo, Brownbuds and Marswalk.

Daghan salamat sa Martin's Resto Bar jud pud for accommodating the local bands. To Amor and Heidi, we salute you. Hinaot naa pay lomi sa sunod na gigs.

For more photos from this set, please go here. I don't wanna hear anyone whine about where to see the photos. Please read the posts. Sabta pud ang gibasa while at it.

Naa pay Day Two photos to come. Paabot lang ta kay murag perte ka busy ang linya. Rock n roll!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Events: Strings of Summer


strings of summer poster 11x17 copy

Martin's Resto Bar na pud ta. Sa 28, adto ta Ati-atihan. Sa 29 ug 30 adto ta sa Martin's..three days tukar ni..hehe syaro'g naa pay laayun!hehehe

BTW, trivia lang. We were looking for an appropriate title for the event. I was thinking in the lines of "strings". Makoi suggested "Strings of Summer". Mao diay. Naa diay sila event na summer-summer pud.hehe No time to change titles, pasagdi na lang na.

See you guys there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

Koogang Sinulog Video

Kay human na man ang Bang2x Dos, ako na i-post ngari ang Koogang video pag Sinulog 2009, as promised. Payter ni sya..honest.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Foto Fuze! Photo Clinic on April 19th

by Ryan Macalandag

Foto Fuze! Photography Clinic in Tagbilaran City - Poster

Fotofuze! is a 4-hour photography clinic that covers basic photography solutions to some common challenges in taking pictures. Participants will also experience a real-time shoot and a photo critiquing follows. The clinic will be conducted by Bohol photographer Ryan Macalandag.

The photo clinic will be held on April 19, 2009 1-5pm at the 2nd floor of Marbella Plaza. Registration fee of P200 will cover snacks, venue and workshop materials. Only digital SLRs or Point-and-Shoots are allowed. Limited to thirty (30) seats only. Please register in advance at BQ Fuji Center or visit ryanmacalandag.blogspot.com.

This event is organized by POSH Events and sponsored by BQ Fuji Center & DesignDepot Graphics.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bang Bang Dos @ Martins, Huge Hit!

by Ryan Macalandag

Kani sa lang ako ipost. Ugma na uban. Ugma na pud write-up.

More photos here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

BangBang Dos Update

by Ryan Macalandag

Here is the final list of the participating bands and their original song included in the compilation.

1. The Lookout - Okay Lang
2. Leprechaun - A Puppet’s Cry
3. Mate Since Kinder - Untold Fairytale
4. Mange - My Senseless Song
5. Nico Franco - Gulong
6. K’Band - Tara Na
7. Pzyche - Sacrifice
8. Yordaddy - Sinelas

BANGBANG DOS Compilation Album Launching PosterThis album is self-produced by the bands in partnership with Angelstar Music, SoundGarage Recording Studio and DesignDepot Graphics. Recorded and mixed by Roy Tutor and album design and photos by Ryan Macalandag.

BangBang Dos also would like to thank Martin's Resto Bar for the album launch venue and KISS 102.3 FM as the official media partner.

You may buy your tickets from the bands participating in the album or from Martin's and SoundGarage.

More updates soon. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Notes from the underground: So what if FrancisM died?

by Terence Krishna V. Lopez


So what if Francis M died? So what if he died at a very young age of 44? Aren’t there too many people dying who are so much younger than he is?

But he is Francis M and that is the thing, exactly.

He is larger than life. He is the king of Philippine Rap. From him, hip-hop became cool. His youthful energy is contagious even from the small screen.

So what if he died?

It is a loss not only to the industry that has limited supply of genuine talents, especially those that go on to become superstars, with their feet remaining firmly on the ground, at all times.

FrancisM’s death is a loss to this generation, my generation that has limited supply of genuine inspiration.

Francis M is a nationalist who is not afraid to shout out loud about his rebellions against this establishment and the world’s. Or if that is an exaggeration, Francis M at the very least bravely showed through his lyrics the social realities, the class contradictions, the real situation.

So what if he died in the time of GMA, global crisis and a generation losing itself into the fantasies of the superficial world of television, internet and all other media?

Along with him dies some levels of hope and inspiration.

Because he is FrancisM. He is an icon of youth, if not fully of art and peace and nationalism.

Then again, his death now puts him into the ranks of gods.
Think jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

(Photos by Eric Fernandez and Ken Tamayo)

Monday, March 09, 2009

BangBang Dos! Finally!

by Ryan Macalandag

Finally! It's out. In a couple weeks time, BangBang Dos the second compilation album of all-original songs by eight (8) Boholano bands will be launched. The album launching will be held at Martin's Music Bar on March 21, 2009. Show starts 8pm.

Score your tickets now before they're all sold out. Tickets at P50.

BANGBANG DOS Compilation Album Launching Poster

Keept posted for news and updates.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Francis Magalona, Freeman

by Ryan Macalandag

Without doubt, Francis "Kiko" Magalona is one of the country's most influential artists in the music industry. A multi-talented visionary, Kiko dabbled and excelled not only in rap music but also in rap-infused rock songs as well. Not limited by archetypal boundaries, he wrote Kaleidescope World, Girl Be Mine and other masterpieces that a lot of generations have listened to.

He also painted, did amazing photography, wrote poetry, hosted shows, directed and acted in films, kept good friends and adored his family.

Francis M. helped new bands and rap groups with their projects, too.

He loved his country more than anyone else in the biz by a mile. His culture-induced, deeply-nationalistic songs about our Pinas will leave future generations singing Mga Kababayan Ko, Man From Manila or Tayo'y Mga Pinoy among others.

During his battle with cancer (acute myeloid leukemia), Kiko never wavered. Instead, he called it "The Happy Battle" posting photos of his condition in the hospital, calling/hosting Eat Bulaga while bed-ridden and even making music with his project band (Sickos w/ Ely Buendia) in between chemo rounds. He always made it a point that his illness will not bring about depression for his friends and family. Of course it helps that he has a very supportive family and circle of friends.

Last Friday, March 6, the Master Rapper finally succumbed to multiple-organ failure after having been rushed to the hospital and incubated the night before. His body did not make it to his scheduled bone-marrow transplant.

In his passing, Francis D. Magalona has left a grieving nation. But not for long I suppose, for even in death, his songs, art and memory will forever remain.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Suitcase 101 and Other Local Bands @Martins on Feb. 6

Brought to you by OneZeroOne Productions

MY ROCKOUSTIC VALENTINE, a pre-valentine acoustic concert featuring:
- Agiw
- Yordaddy
- No Meds
- Pirates of the New Age
- Roasted Jellyfish
- Suitcase101

The New Martin's Music Bar

With special participation of Milo and Elcid of Brownbuds. Be there on Friday, Feb. 6 at Martin's Bar, Corners Gallares and M.H. Del Pilar Streets, Tagbilaran City. Jam starts at 8pm. Tix will be sold at the gate at 40 Php.

Suitcase101 will be giving away some of their songs for FREE via bluetooth, so bring your cellphones with you. Just approach any member of the band at the venue.

See you! -- Arvin

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Koogang's Onggoy Video

Grabbed from Youtube

This is Koogang. They are undoubtedly one of the most loudest and hardcore of the local bands here. Check out this video montage of their gigs, skateboarding jams and alcohol induced pissing contests.

One can just hope no animals were hurt during the making of that video.

For more Koogang videos, check out Nak5114 or kandilabra.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SoundsFresh: "Nihit" by YorDaddy

Fresh Tracks from SoundGarage

"Nihit" - by YorDaddy (click on link to play song in Imeem)

This song is a new unreleased single from the hottest Boholano rock band in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It talks about a pennyless lover who has an empty wallet but a heart full of love. This song uses wit, humor and a good dose of rock - as with past YorDaddy songs - to get the point across.

YorDaddy Band Promo Photoshoot-5

"Nihit" is freshly (and professionally) recorded at SoundGarage recording studio by Roy Tutor. Here is the lyrics of the song:

By Yordaddy

Gilantaw ko ang bituon
Maypa siya kay dali kab-uton
Bisag unsaon'g pugos balikon
Di na mabalik ang kagahapon

Gahulat ako
Inday, paminawa ko

Natingala ko sa akoa
Nahinangop man ko sa imoha
Gi-ugom ko tanang kasakit
Ikaw nakapalandag sa akong kangitngit

Gahulat ako
Inday, paminawa ko

Bisag wala gyud ko’y ikahatag
Bulawan ug alahas nga makapalandag
Pasensya na kung kita manglaag
Imo tanang gasto sukad pa sa buntag
Mahal nga kan-anan di ’ta ka mapakaon
Puso ug batikon lang gud ta gihapon
Sinina mong gi-ukay ko pagka hapon
Angayan gyud ka tan-awon

Kaya mo bang
Talikdan ang tanan
Mga naandan mong kahilayan

Wala na gyud ko’y laing mahatag
Kundi gugma lang

Magpasalig ako ampingan ’ta ka
Palipayon ’ta ka hantud sa kahangturan

(repeat chorus 3x)

Angayan jud ka tan-awon
Gwapa lang gihapon

Gihigugma ’ta ka gihapon (5x)


To know more about the band, visit: http://www.myspace.com/yordaddybohol

SoundsFresh features newly released music from Bohol's various indie rock groups. We encourage the bands to submit their fresh songs to us via email (or Imeem is much preferred). Please include band info and song lyrics.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I just got a copy of Cruisers debut album!!!

by Ryan Macalandag

Here it is, the brand-spankin' new album of Cruisers -- the now locally famous rock band from Loboc, Bohol. The album is so cool, it looks like the real thing..well, it's the real thing, except that it's locally produced. And what's cooler is that I did the photography for the album! Yeah!hehehe

Please click on the photos below for a bigger view.

Anyways, more on the band and their songs at a bit later time. Pit Senyor!

For more information on the band, please contact Ate Fe Beldoro (band manager) at ma.febel@yahoo.com.

Friday, January 09, 2009

BangBang Bands in Tubigon

by Boyet Lantaya

Bang Bang once again fired now at the four-corner walls of Tubigon Cultural  Center last Friday night, December 19, 2008. Along with its commitment to support Bohol music scene, Central Sense in strong cooperation with Mater Dei College sponsored “One Night Jam” a band and disco party which featured uprising bands of Tubigon in varied genres like 22 Guage, Driveway, Brgy. Saya, with Bang Bang Uno’s indie rock bands Yordaddy, The Lookout, and BDS Chickspoint, and in the company of La Familia Trublu Boholanos.

Special thanks to Dr. Lourdes Torrefranca (President of Mater Dei College) , RM Commercial, Nature Spring Water, San Miguel Beer, Chicken Atiatihan Tubigon Branch, OST Bistro, Mr. Elmer Omana, LHT Pensionne House, The Bohol Chronicle, PNP and the Municipality of Tubigon. The event was also in part by BQ Mall, Cellmart, Shiang Ma Nou, Punkstation Internet Café, Soundgarage Recording Studio, RML Construction Supplies, Habagat Outdoors Club and Mr. Erwin Batula.

Bang Bang had its first flight last October at the Island City Mall featuring Bohol’s Indie Rock Bands when they launched their first compilation album. Watch out for more Central Sense events – RAP FEST and ISLAND JUMP, all for January 2009.

For event inquiries please contact us at this number 0910-875-4668. Support Bohol music scene, as Central Sense does.

(Article originally written for Bohol Chronicle.)