Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where is Zigmantra?

Photo lifted from Partzmusic on Myspace

So, heads up to Chann Cabang who sent me a link to his song "Balakid" on Imeem. The song is now included in the playlist. So far, he is the first contributor to answer our call for content - songs, videos, articles, photos, etc. It's about time you guys do the same.

Included with the links Chann/Partz sent, was a link to Zigmantra resources on Myspace. The band was a regular a few years back doing gigs and winning song writing competitions even.

They also recorded a few songs which included their hit "Supermodel" which is on the BangBang Uno album.

Where the hell are they now? Boogie? Recards? Asa na tawn mo oi. Tukar na pud ta.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's an update...

by Ryan Macalandag

As you boys and girls can see, it's been eons since this blog was updated. I apologize. Well, I figured, the Chat Board's been busy and I was busy with work and stuff also. Plus no one really reads the articles I post so what's the point, right?

Seriously though, I'm at fault. I'm at fault because I've been hogging the limelight. I set this blog up on my own, do the photography on my own, write the articles on my own and post updates on my own. And don't forget the fucking HATE mails I get from IDIOT posers who think this blog is some kind of a SCA/YFC/YMCA type of thing to inspire and straighten up the youth and shit. Yes, I get to read them on my own, too. (Never did reply to any one of them though.)

I sometimes forget that this blog has become a community for insane music lovers who don't really care much about anything else but love for music, right? We don't care if our banner photo is a picture of Morris (the supernovagalactic/loverboy frontman of Piratez of the New Age) flicking the "sign" right? I mean, I don't. I hope you don't, too. We never ever try to discriminate here. Not even the dirty-finger toting crowd out here. Never.

But I digress. So again, we've become a community. And I must share the responsibility of managing and updating this site also. We need people who can write. We need people who can take pictures. We'll post them here so everyone can see and read. Game?

Call for Music or Videos

If you have new music you want to be added to our playlist, please get an IMEEM account, upload it and send me the link. I'll add it to the list.

If you have a video from an event or a homemade music video (even if it's worth shit), upload it to Youtube, send me the link and I'll post it here.

Call For Writers

Here's the mechanics. Writers can write anything about the local underground music scene. Up to 50-100 words. Possible topics are: bio of local rockista/band, thoughts about the scene, thoughts on music/arts/culture or event write-up. Send you article to: Articles will be judged on hotness (and grammar, of course). One article will be posted per week.

Call For Photos

Photographers are also welcome to join. Send in photos of bands, events, musicians, rakistas or anything related. It can be a single photo or a series/essay. We'll post them here. Send your photos to: Resize your photos to at least 800x600 72dpi. Include captions and info. Photos will be judged on hotness also. One photo or photo essay will be featured each week.

The Deal Gets Sweeter

You lazy ass whiner. You want a prize? Posted articles/photos will win an A3-size full-color poster any local band of your choosing courtesy of some (un)willing sponsors.

So let's go. Stop yapping about this site being not updated and submit your articles/photos now.

If you've actually read this article from the top up to this point, congratulations. Not everyone here can. No kidding.