Thursday, July 29, 2010

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: youthful energy vibrates in Tagbilaran music scene

I'm here for a few weeks' visit.

Arriving on the last day of the Sandugo Festival, i was able to catch a band fest at Tachycardia, a popular hang-out place for the youth in the city.

I do not wish to judge the whole event last Sunday night but from what i have witnessed, the few bands' performances i saw, i will say, there was an obvious invigorating youthful energy that night and apparently, it was the same every time there is a bandfest in the city.

It is quite impressive, to say the least, having witnessed the early days of the struggling music scene, underground music scene that is, in Bohol. It reminded me how we ( me and my friends) would stay past midnight at a bar being the only audiences of a band performing.

According to the news, there is now more places for bands to perform and with the apparent camaraderie among the musicians themselves, it is really way better now than say, three years ago.

I was able to catch up the last four bands during last Sunday's fest at Tachycardia and well, i didn't really like the music that they were playing but really, i was impressed with the energy from the musicians and the crowd.

let me not talk about the quality of their songs and performance, let's stick to the positive side-energy- and that is a very vital part.

now, if only i can say that also with the local film industry, not that I know there is one really.