Saturday, November 29, 2008

BYU Rock Updates

by The Rumor Mill

We are starting to roll! In the next few weeks, new stuff will happen. As it seemed, our local rock scene is starting to evolve and evolve for the better. Here are some updates:
  • Bang!Bang! will tour Tubigon on December 20, 2008 featuring some bands from the Bang!Bang! compilation CD. The event is presented by Mater Dei College and organized by Central Sense. Bring your disco shoes. There will be a disco after the show.
  • BYU Rock (or Bohol Underground Rock, byuteh!) will soon be heard over a local FM Radio. The radio show, aptly called "BYU Rock", will air from 6 to 7 in the evening every Sunday starting in the next weeks or so. All original BYU Rock songs will be played and will probably feature some bands to play an acoustic set in the booth. This is gonna be huge!
  • "Sound Bites" a video produced by OneTake Productions will soon debut its first episode featuring a live performance by Nico Franco. The program will be posted in episodes and is hosted by Roy Tutor a.k.a Jet Pag-ngan.
  • D'Cruisers band is in the final stages in the recording of their first indie album. Let's all watch our for that.
  • More bands are lining up for recording slots at SoundGarage Recording Studios. This means new and fresh materials. This means you gotta move your ass, form a band and start rockin', too!
Trivia Question: "Kinsa ang gichola ni Ambo gabie sa Tachycardia pag brownout?" Hahaha! More rumors, chikka and irrelevant updates soon. - The Rumor Mill

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