Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where is Zigmantra?

Photo lifted from Partzmusic on Myspace

So, heads up to Chann Cabang who sent me a link to his song "Balakid" on Imeem. The song is now included in the playlist. So far, he is the first contributor to answer our call for content - songs, videos, articles, photos, etc. It's about time you guys do the same.

Included with the links Chann/Partz sent, was a link to Zigmantra resources on Myspace. The band was a regular a few years back doing gigs and winning song writing competitions even.

They also recorded a few songs which included their hit "Supermodel" which is on the BangBang Uno album.

Where the hell are they now? Boogie? Recards? Asa na tawn mo oi. Tukar na pud ta.


Anonymous said...

"Balakid" is a great song..The emotion is pure, good lyrics, clear voice,nice arrangement.. I also like the other song on his myspace called "Bright Side"..Makes my day..

Anonymous said...

Make this site more interesting bai. If the site owner is lazzzzzyyyy, how would you expect to have contributors. You might wanna change the colors here. It's too dark. Try to re-create the design. Make updates at least once a week. Bahalag short articles lang. Just to show that the site owner is really serious.

Just a suggestion bai. Why not go to schools and feature their bands. Remember "SCHOOL PRIDE".If ang uban schools naay gipang post na pix, for sure masuya sad ang uban and they will try to make their own too.

Go talk to some music teachers. They can help you with this blog.