Friday, March 13, 2009

BangBang Dos Update

by Ryan Macalandag

Here is the final list of the participating bands and their original song included in the compilation.

1. The Lookout - Okay Lang
2. Leprechaun - A Puppet’s Cry
3. Mate Since Kinder - Untold Fairytale
4. Mange - My Senseless Song
5. Nico Franco - Gulong
6. K’Band - Tara Na
7. Pzyche - Sacrifice
8. Yordaddy - Sinelas

BANGBANG DOS Compilation Album Launching PosterThis album is self-produced by the bands in partnership with Angelstar Music, SoundGarage Recording Studio and DesignDepot Graphics. Recorded and mixed by Roy Tutor and album design and photos by Ryan Macalandag.

BangBang Dos also would like to thank Martin's Resto Bar for the album launch venue and KISS 102.3 FM as the official media partner.

You may buy your tickets from the bands participating in the album or from Martin's and SoundGarage.

More updates soon. :)

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