Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Notes From the Underground: Frontmen

by dOhNieLIanTAYAO

“Always something there to remind me...”(Am I singing it right?)

Well, allow my simple rendition to some local bands without a doubt my current favorite that immerse and I guess can’t puke it out of my system. Bands’ frontmen in one way or another always remind me of someone else’s all time favorite of mine everytime they do their performances onstage.

And to name a few...

Lucid Interval’s frontman, (aside from his growling and screaming voice), Paolo reminds me of... Queso’s Ian Tayao with his awesome skin art(tattoos are really appealing to me). And so with his comrade Blank Item’s vox reminds me of... the unleashed howling vocal of Greyhoundz’ Reg Rubio. Still, it’s vivid to my subconscious mind their performances last December 27, 2008 during the 4th Bohol Compofest together with Makoi onstage seemed to me a reminiscent of the “Trilogy” stuff.

Pirates of the New Age led by Zach dela Rocha-ish vocalist Morris undoubtedly a RATM-loving band, reminds me of ... some gorgeous frontmen who always do the off-shirt onstage. My all time favorite, legends like; STP’s Scott Weiland, Live’s Edward Kowalczyk, Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, RHCP’s Anthony Kiedis, and Incubus’ Brandon Boyd and so many others favorite who do the off-shirt thing. (Woah!).

That long-haired No Pets Aloud frontman, dude please don’t cut your hair off short ‘coz it reminds me of... that screamo vocalist Bert McCracken of The Used.

Brownbuds Mendel’s Legacy, well I love dreadz too. Dunno why everytime I hear the intro of your song “iro” reminds me of... Cheese’ “Garden Fresh(in a cool dry place)” intro.

G.Kantabataan ’07 Grand Champs Suitcase 101, frontman Adrian reminds me of... Alex Band, (actually you alone reminded me of all our pals way back in college.)

Couldn’t imagine who amongst(frontman) could do the tight-fitting-cycling short of GnR’s Axl Rose and would reminded me of him. (I doubt if anyone from this generation would dare to resemble. Well, I dare you!)

I guess that was just the frontmen(some) I discern. These maybe gone too far if I included all of those deserving who animate our music scene here in Bohol ( not to mention, with all due respect to the recording outfit and events organizer who support them and their music to reach a wider audience, and to this site of course).

Note: To those I’ve mentioned, my humble apology if I irritate your nerve(I didn’t mean to) into putting you to some sort of stereotypes to convey my sentiments. Well, you’re all liberate to refute but please do respect my own perception, I begged. Again, my humble apology.

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