Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mga Kalambuan

News, Updates and Showbiz Chikkas

1. November 21, 2009, 8PM. Martins Restobar in cooperation with TUL Society and PUNKSTATION presents "A Tribute to our Brother Boboy Regner" featuring six of Bohol's best bands Brownbuds, Estranghero, Yordaddy, Spoogo, No Pets Aloud and Zigmantra. Door charge: PhP40 only. Thanks to Maw2x of CentralSense for the help.

2. After a few rounds of Red Horse at Martins, an idea came up: "Bohol Rock Awards". Why not? Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, Best Vocals, Best Drummer, Band of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist...etc. More developments on this soon.

3. Bohol CompoFest 2009 a yearly event brought to you by PowerMind Concepts (Kikoi) is coming up. Last week of December. Brace yourselves.

4. Thanks to Jinzo, this site won't have to shutdown after all. After the No Pets Aloud post, we are lining up a few more profiles of new bands. We already interviewed Galatea - video, photos and article soon.

5. Welcome new members of the BoholBands Online team: Maw2x, Jinzo and Franz. We hope to deliver new and fresh content soon.

Thanks for the patronage.

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