Monday, November 16, 2009

PROFILE: No Pets Aloud

by Jinzo

An Indie Rock band originally from Dauis, Bohol.
The band currently consists of vocalist Jay Christopher "Pew" Pregunta, guitarist Jofel Nistal, bassist Gilson Araneta and drummer Paul Niño "Ninin" Loquellano. Their music is influenced mainly by Saosin, The Used, New Found Glory, Story of the Year and Finch. The unique mix of influences makes their music some kind of close to Rock and Punk Music with the hint of Pop. Ironically, the band likes listening to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and some Boy bands except The Jonas Brothers (lol’d).

The original line-up for No Pets Aloud, consisting of guitarists Jofel Nistal and Nonette Rolab, bassist Roldan, drummer John Paul Gonzales and vocals Justice "Koi" Busalla. The band was an immediate success with their witty punk rock tunes and covers. The band went on hiatus during mid-2003's for some personal reasons.

The band started forming up on November 2004, with new members namely Jay Christopher "Pew" Pregunta on vocals (replacing Justice "Koi" Busalla currently working on Sonic Boom Philippines) and his cousin Gilson Araneta on bass (replacing Roldan).Nonette Rolab left No Pets Aloud and later formed the band Unwanted Revenge.

Later on year 2008, drummer Paul Niño "Ninin" Loquellano (formerly from Unwanted Revenge), started playing for No Pets Aloud in John Paul Gonzales' absence.

The band then started producing free copies of their EP with 4 tracks. You can listen to it free on IMEEM:

No Pets Aloud EP

You can check these links for some songs and some band info on their gigs.
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Youtube :

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