Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bohol Rock Awards and Other Updates

News, Updates and Chikkas

1. The Bohol Rock Awards or BRA is finally taking shape. We have solicited commitment from a lot of people already especially the event organizers (Plugout, CentralSense, Kalma, GarahEvents, Power Mind...etc). This is good since the nomination committee will be composed of organizers, producers and other key industry players. Votes will be cast by musicians and other industry players as well.

Here is a list of awards to be given, thus far:
  1. Best Guitars/Bass/Drummer/Vocals
  2. Artist of the Year (Band)
  3. Album of the Year (Band)
  4. Blogger's Choice Award (online poll/vote)
The main event is pegged to happen on the second half of January next year. Stay tuned.

2. Up Coming Gigs:
  1. Dec. 8-12 - Martin's Bar, 9PM (1st year anniversary event)
  2. Dec. 11 - Theo's Bar @Meridian Hotel, 9PM (featuring Yordaddy, etc.)
  3. Dec. 11 - Atmospheres, 9PM (featuring Yordaddy, What New, When Hopes Fly High)
  4. Dec. 12 - Martin's Bar 9PM (Brownbuds, No Pets Aloud, Spoogo, Yordaddy, etc.)
  5. Dec. 12 - Koogang @Body English, Asilo, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City
  6. Dec. 19 - Atmosphere's, 9PM
  7. Dec (last week) - Compofest (TBA)
3. BYU ROCK TV launched! BYU Rock TV or Bohol Underground Rock is now online. Please check out http://byurocktv.blogspot.com or add us on Facebook to view the latest event videos, interviews and music videos.

BYU Rock (with reference to "byuteh" "byuha oi!" also) will hopefully be the main identity to represent the Bohol underground music scene.

Again, add us on Facebook and comment. It will be the better platform for a functional "chatbox" since our chatbox here is infested with indecent-poser-cowards. If you don't have a Facebook account yet, register now.

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