Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Note from the Underground: Scene Stealers

by dOhNieLIanTAYAO

“Music touches the heart in places words alone cannot reach.”

Music plays an important role of anyone’s life that one may not be able to live a life without it. And I understand that this site is a tool for a large number of music enthusiasts whether you’re in a band or just simply a maniacal fan of such. And as we all notice, it’s been quite a while since this site had imposed restrictions such that the chatbox is being temporarily closed for an obvious reason: that even myself was being dragged by such absurd senseless explicit degrading utterances by some uneducated misguided pathetic vermin. And it felt really bad, bad to the extent that the Head Honcho of this site opted to take some measures to thwart them from throwing any unkind indecent remarks.

Bohol Poser Fest

As posted “Bohol Underground Music is an online blog for the surging underground rock music scene in Bohol. These pages will contain news and updates on bands, events/concerts and everything in between.” Obviously, this is not a PORN site! Where you can say anything and everything about your self-infested earthly desires. You don’t belong here dickhead(s)! I mean, WHY NOT GO to porn sites and exhibit your idiotic verminous manner and show them what you got.

More probably I am bothered by the incessant exchange of diverging views among bands, performers and listeners as well. Before the struggling conflict were between Bohol versus Cebu, but now, Boholanos against Boholanos? Disgusting! So, to this, I must say I am more concerned to those of you who kept on bragging that you’re the best among the rest, that some performers have no potential to be part of a certain band, and that you belong to a prestige alma mater that is superior amongst others, blah blah…

The Hills are Alive

Allow me to give emphasis to this. Think about the tribesmen in the highlands who never had the chance to enroll in the prestigious Berkelee College of Music nor take up music in St. Scholastica’s College here in the Philippines, not even a single step in grade school. No guitar riffs, no musical note ever learnt but they can produce as well as create music as long as they want without the aid of 20th-century technological devices as the Internet, techy gadgets, radio, television, films and the likes. Point is, they simply do it for the love of music and to preserve their passion for music without being embodied. And believe me - whether you agree with me or not - they’re better than who you think you are and I must say, a lot of credit must be given to them but I doubt if the posers would lend them some. Come to think of it.

Bottomline, music itself is vast, immense, so there’s a room for everybody. Let’s appreciate music as to what music really is all about. It’s an expression of one's self and that is how a certain artists express themselves. So stop giving negative comments on bands/musicians whose enjoying themselves and playing the kind of music they want to convey.

Lost in Translation

Also, stop saying that metalheads are lame because they just kept on growling and screaming and that you can’t catch up with the lyrics and you don’t understand the meaning out of it, too bad for you(laughs).Well if you want just simply go over, ask for the lyrics.

You might be surprised that it’s not about noise or dark lyricism at all, take for an instance; “I used to be skeptical but now I understand, you are a masterpiece, you are the epitome of art, one wish to the heavens that we’ll never be apart…”—Love and Devotion by Valley of Chrome. Touching, isn’t it? I’m not referring to one but to some genre as well, trash-tropical-grunge-reggae-screamo-rock-hardcore-classical-alternative-folk-country-gospel-goth-tribal-etc, name it. If you don’t like any of those then why bother yourself listening to music anyway? I mean if you don’t like then don’t listen to it, as simple as that.

It’s not really bad to criticize especially if it really sucks but to despise them in a way that you’re trying to discriminate or even dig to their own personal lives, well that’s offensive. If you have negative comments just keep it to yourself or just say nothing at all but if it is a constructive criticism then I suggest brainstorming is required, and much RESPECT is still needed. And competing is no harm as long as it’s a healthy one.

Again, as posted “Bohol Underground Music is an online blog for the surging underground rock music scene in Bohol. These pages will contain news and updates on bands, events/concerts and everything in between.” Meaning, this is NOT a WAR zone! And I believe you are literate enough to assimilate WHY this site EXISTS.


“Make substantial tracks so we can ride smoother…/Be sentimental in every movement…/Let the culture mix all the color / always we come together as one / celebrate the sound of our time, Never surrender fight prejudism, never surrender, reach for our dreams../”[sic]—Insekta by Queso.

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