Saturday, November 24, 2007

Articles: The sweet case of Suitcase 101

by Terence Krishna Lopez

Any Boholano who knows Suitcase 101 can’t help but feel a sense of pride. But those who have seen them grow into what they are now should feel more sense of pride though.

Why not, when these guys composed of Arvin Avergonzado (drums), Venjo Busalla (bass guitars) Alva Duaban (lead guitars) and Adrian Bayron (vocals) definitely has gone a long way, shedding much of their show-band weights, covers days, performing their own compositions, showing the public that they are ready and are ought to be taken seriously.

At least, that’s what I saw when I watched them perform in their victory concert last week along with other local bands who were there to perform and congratulate them.

The band won this year’s Globe Kantabataan, a nation-wide competition for young bands, bringing honor to the province and a spark of hope to the local music scene.

As of press time, the group is in Manila for their first music video, a leg of gigs and other wonderful things as the winner of the competition.

In an interview via internet, the band’s head of operations Justice “Kikoy” Busalla extends the band’s gratitude to the Boholanos for supporting them all throughout the competition. The band also thanks the local bands who stood beside them all the way.

Passion and Dedication
Last week, in a thanksgiving concert party, more than ten local bands of different musicality and genre performed and gave their congratulations to the Suitcase 101, with their groundbreaking performances.

But of course, Suitcase 101 also gave a wonderful performance. In fact, it was a very good performance. The band did hold its own in a room full of up and coming musicians in the province and in fact, for someone who has been following the band, it was a surprisingly wonderful performance. The band did improve so much.
And for them, it is their passion for music that inspires them to becoming a great band. Being into what they are doing, regardless of the different musical influences and the dedication of each member, according to Kikoy is what keeps suitcase 101 standing in the row of bands bound to greatness.

Ray of light for the local scene
With the local scene, the band believes there is a bright hope for the musicians. In fact some of the bands have already earned a considerable audience with their names becoming more popular such as Brownbuds and Estranghero.

Suitcase 101 is proud to say that Boholanos are very talented musicians and that indeed there is a future for the local music scene.

Right, and also, if the local music scene gains enough support from all spectrum and from institutions who are supposed to look into it that the artistry and the talent of its artists are taken good care of.

Finally, Suitcase 101 invites the Boholanos to watch their video on the MYX channel, a proof that the Boholano youth can do productive things. Of course.
Along with their huge victory concert party on December 8 here in the city, the band is doing their rounds of gigs in Manila and today, in Dumaguete City.

Suitcase 101 is enjoying a sweet case of a well-deserved victory, something they have been working hard for.

And of course, if Suitcase 101 did it, so can every one of us with enough maturity, perseverance, dedication and talents at hand.

(This articles also appears in the the November 25 issue of LifestyleBohol.)


John said...

Suitcase 101 really improved so much. I started managing the group sometime in 2004-05 and I really encouraged them to write original songs. Now, they made all boholanos proud of their victory. Hoping for the band's more success.

tey said...

@john: yes, i agree. what really amazed me is Adrian. i never imagined him bringing the house down.and he has proved that he really do have talent.

@ryan: Dec.2 issue of lifestyle bohol, not Nov. 25, psheeet!