Monday, November 12, 2007

Bands: Suitcase 101

Bohol's band scene is very anemic. One can only count the number of bands around. (Not counting the regular show bands,) There are about 8. But more recently, these few who survived playing gigs here and about are starting to rocky really hard. Take Suitcase 101 for example. These kids are winning regional contests and are starting to record their own stuff. Yeah, it's been slow but the lack of record labels/companies picking up are not a hindrance. The bands are coughing up their own dough to finance their recordings. I salute.

And BTW, Arvin the drummer passed the recent Nursing Board exams. Gratz, pre!

(More of this set, here.)
Photos by Ryan Macalandag
Shot using a Nikon D80
Copyright �2007 All rights reserved.

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