Monday, November 12, 2007

Events: Spongcola @ ICM

Alrighty. I never knew Spongcola frontman's name before. During their first Bohol concert though, people (mostly girls, young girls) were incessantly yelling, "Yael!" (did I get it right?). It must be his name then. I didn't get his companions' names though. Their names weren't mentioned as many times as Yael's.

Anyhow, my apparent ignorance of Pinoy band member's names was shared in common with most of my companions that night. Most of them were French - Tuff, Miriam, Jean and Bea. Vera who danced like crazy to the songs is German. Terence knew the band though, being the Pinoy Band maniac that he is! Hehehe Tito on the other hand, just didn't care enough.

Sheena, on her blog, mentioned about a fireworks display. I didn't get to see it though.

All photographs taken by Ryan Macalandag
using a Nikon D80 DSLR
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u l a n said...

haha, yes it's Yael. Armo on guitar, Gosh on bass, Chris on drums. =)

They were our hosts for the Kantabataan tv show (which covered the competition).