Monday, November 12, 2007

Events: Field of Screams 1 @ Martin's Bar

It's quite difficult for underground rock bands in Bohol to get a decent event to play at these days. No producer seems to be interested with producing a concert with bands who look like (and sound like) a bunch of hungry retards/addicts/degenerates pounding on empty rice kettles. All they want are the commercially viable, publicly loved and horribly boring radio pop-rock bands. I mean, I totally understand them. They won't bet their money on something that won't be a viable for the cashflow.

But, some bands got brains too, apparently. "Why not produce our own concert/event for ourselves?", they thought. Genius. The result was a night of sweet and pure rock 'n roll chaotic fun. A total of thirteen (or so?) rock bands from Bohol's underground scene came out and got together for a wickedly wicked hell of a party at Martin's Bar in Gallares. The event was dubbed, Field of Screams.

About a hundred or so rock-thirsty boys and girls flocked and crammed themselves into a standing-room-only bar. The nooks, crannies and even the hallway to the toilet was filled to the brim.

Red horse - the beer of choice - overflowed and intensified every beat of the songs played upfront. You can already hear the old wooden walls and floor of the bar moaning and groaning.

The night had to end at 12 midnight though. As the son's and daughter's of rock and roll drunkily haul their rocked-out asses out of the place, one could not help but ask when will this happen again? Fact is, there is no telling when.

Thanks and kudos to Plug-Out Productions for the blind-courage of making this happen. Roy Tutor SoundGarage for the undying loyalty to your dream. For the boys and girls who saw it all happen.

(More of this set, here.)
Photos by Ryan Macalandag
Gear: Nikon D80, SB-600
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