Friday, November 23, 2007

Events: Suitcase 101 Thanksgiving @ Campsite

Words & Photos by Ryan Macalandag

What better way to celebrate a band's success than rockin' it hard with feller bands who's been supportive all the way through. Suitcase 101 certainly knows how to appreciate the solid support of the rest of the underground community by throwing a huge gig for all the rockerz and rakiztaz alike to riff the night out into oblivion last Saturday Nov. 17 at Campsite.

With more than a handful of bands on the gig list, Campsite was overflowing as were the beers.

Suitcase 101 got to play past midnight halfway through the event. They didn't let the supporters down by playing the songs like they didn't win the damned contest yet. These kids sure do know how to work the crowd. Their presence and delivery just was way up there.

Sure, sure, their songs are about things as paltry-love as the other "pop bands" out there. But their music just kicks you right in the face 'til you stop doubting their sheer talent and end up wanting more - may it be "Kalahati" or "Boholano!".

Now, they are just a constant reminder that all the other bands in the community can do it too. The ringing in my ear as we went out of Campsite was evidence enough. Rock 'n Roll in Bohol is finally alive and kickin!

Thanks to Kikoy, Roy, PlugOut and Terence. Support local bands!
For more photos from this set, click here.
Photo by Ryan Macalandag
Shot using a Nikon D80 DSLR
Copryright ©2007 All rights reserved.

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u l a n said...

Hello, Ryan =) Thanks for posting these photos. It's great to see that Suitcase had a rockin' homecoming.

If I ever visit Bohol, I hope to catch them at a gig.

=) ian (ulan25 on flickr)